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  • Willy Wombat is an isometric action game released on June 27, 1997 for the Sega Saturn in Japan only.
  • Developed by WESTONE (Wonder Boy/Monster World series) and published by HUDSON SOFT. It retailed for 5,800 JPY.
  • AQV System (Around Quarter View) let's you rotate the camera 360° around to see enemies, pathways, and other objects.
  • Features full English voice acting, opening and ending theme songs, and comic book style graphics.
  • Import friendly title: only some menus and the written dialogue are in Japanese.
  • Features 6 worlds and 27 levels!
  • Requires 9 blocks to save and allows up to three save files.


Dark souls who taste the forbidden fruit...
Lost souls who yearn for freedom...
Search the foreign lands for Miracle Gems.
When six Miracle Gems reunite...
The doorway to the garden of freedom, Eden, shall show its way.

Willy, once an enforcer of Prison (the so-called perfect society), escapes into the outside world to seek the mysterious Miracle Gems and find Eden.
But just what are these stones? Where is this Eden? He only has that one message to go by in his search for freedom.
However, he is being pursued by top enforcers of Prison that seek to eliminate him.
Just then, an old man appears offering his help...


Upon starting the game you are asked where you'd like to save your data to: the Saturn's internal memory or a Backup RAM cartridge.
Then, you can choose to start a NEW GAME, CONTINUE (provided you have a save file already), or KEY CONFIG to map controls the way you'd like.

Willy's abilities!

Ancient Scripts
These come in three flavors: Blue, Yellow, and Red. They are used to unlock powerful screen clearing attacks.
If you come across one of the colored books in a stage, bring them to one of the save points after clearing the stage.

Afterwards, you can pick up corresponding Force items and use them to unleash a powerful attack!

Pressing the left and right shoulder buttons on the controller will make the camera rotate around Willy!
Use this feature to explore stages efficiently.
Try combining dashing with rotating the camera!

Items & Gimmicks
The amount of these crystal shards vary by stage.
Collecting enough will net you elusive hexagon medals.
Pick these up to replenish lost health.
Yellow restores 1 unit while pink restores 5.
Hexagon Medals are required to save your progress at save points in each world.
Three are required each time you save and up to
three can be earned if you collect all crystals shards in a level.
Collect five of these to increase your maximum health units by one! These come in various guises
and will activate things such as platforms and doors.
These are scattered about the stages to keep you from getting lost.
Jumping into one of these can take you to another part of the stage. Collect keys and bring them to the key holes to unlock new passages. Step on these to bring up a map of the current surrounding area.
It shows where the exit is and highlights spots you've traversed.

Watch out for spikes and lava as well! (There are no bottomless pits however.)

With only a cryptic message to go by, he escapes from the close minded society of Prison.
He believes in freedom of will and isn't afraid to show a little attitude with foes.
Voiced by Tom West
Just an old man down on his luck...
Voiced by Dennis Falt
The enemies seen during stages.
Many ghosts tend to travel in packs so be mindful of your surroundings!
Leader of the team sent to apprehend Willy.
Believes Prisons law is absolute.
He is curious about what Willy knows however...
Voiced by Jason Russel
The brawn of the team who would do anything to earn respect from the higher-ups and get a promotion.
Voiced by Jeff Manning
Acts as the tactician of the team.
Like the others, is devoted solely to the mission and Prison.
Voiced by Deidre Merrell-Ikeda


Spoilers below!

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